Introduction of Morocco travel guide


Welcome to our Morocco travel guide, Morocco is a fascinating country that boasts a rich culture and breathtaking scenery. From the stunning Atlas Mountains to the vibrant markets and the luxurious riads, there’s an abundance of experiences to indulge in. Planning ahead is key to making the most of your trip, and in this guide, we’ll provide you with important tips and advice to help you prepare and plan your journey.


Whether you’re interested in exploring the ancient cities or trekking through the Sahara Desert, our guide will provide you with all the factual data you need to make your Moroccan adventure unforgettable.


Arrival Tips: Getting into Morocco


Morocco Travel Guide for Accommodation: Where to Stay?

  • Traditionally, visitors spend the night in Morocco in so-called riads.
  • Riads are traditional multi-story buildings that have a wonderful courtyard and often have a grand interior.
  • Riads offer a unique experience and are available for about 70 to 100 Euros per night, including breakfast for two people.
  • Morocco has a high density of grand and stylish accommodations, with larger cities offering a variety of options.
  • Staying in a riad is highly recommended, and visitors should look for rooms with heating during the colder months.
  • A printed travel guide, such as the Rough Guide Travel Guide for Morocco, is recommended alongside online resources for trip planning.
  • Morocco is a culturally diverse country with a mix of Berber and Arabian cultures, and French and Spanish influences.
  • The country offers a variety of attractions such as relaxing beach resorts, historic cities, and stunning landscapes.
  • The official languages are Arabic, Berber, French, and Spanish, with English becoming increasingly spoken in tourist areas.
  • The best way to get to Morocco is by flying into Casablanca or Marrakech.


Best Time and Season for Traveling to Morocco

morocco travel guide for the Best time and season for Traveling to Morocco

 The best time to visit Morocco is during spring and early autumn, while midsummer can be too hot for desert exploration.


  •  Spring (March to May) and autumn/fall (September to November) are the ideal times for round trips through Morocco.
  • Midsummer (July and August) is not recommended, especially for desert visits, due to high temperatures and sandstorms.
  • Christmas and New Year are busy and expensive times, with crowds and limited restaurant availability.
  •  Colder months (December to February) can get uncomfortably cold at night, so it’s best to find accommodations with heating.


Morocco Travel Guide: Best Things To Do (10-day Itinerary)

  1.  A 10-day itinerary can cover many of Morocco’s highlights, including the Blue City of Chefchaouen, the medina of Fes, and the Sahara Desert.
  2.  Traveling by bus is a convenient and affordable option for getting between cities.
  3.  Accommodations can range from riads to desert camps.
  4.  It’s important to respect Morocco’s cultural norms, such as dressing modestly and asking permission before taking photos of people.
  5.  Taking a guided tour can enhance the experience and provide valuable insights into the culture and history of Morocco.


Places to Visit in Morocco


  1. The historic city of Marrakech is a must-see destination, with its vibrant markets, stunning gardens, and ancient palaces.
  2. The coastal city of Essaouira offers a relaxed atmosphere, with a picturesque medina and stunning beaches for surfing and swimming.
  3. Fes is another ancient city that’s worth visiting, with its well-preserved medieval architecture and bustling souks.
  4. The Roman ruins of Volubilis offer a glimpse into Morocco’s ancient history, with stunning mosaics and well-preserved buildings.
  5. For those interested in nature, the Dades and Todra Gorges offer breathtaking scenery, with towering cliffs and winding rivers.
  6. The Ait Benhaddou Kasbah is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a stunning example of traditional Moroccan architecture.
  7. For those seeking adventure, the Sahara Desert offers camel treks, sandboarding, and starry night skies that are not to be missed.


Morocco truly has something for everyone, from history and culture to nature and adventure. Plan your visit today and discover the beauty and diversity of this fascinating country.

Conclusion of morocco travel guide


Based on factual data, Morocco is a country full of cultural and natural wonders, from the colorful markets to the stunning landscapes of the Atlas Mountains and Sahara desert. The best times to visit are in the spring and autumn, with midsummer being the least ideal due to high temperatures and sandstorms.


In terms of accommodation, traditional riads are a popular choice, often offering stylish and comfortable rooms for around 70 to 100 euros per night. Visitors can also follow a 10-day itinerary to experience the best of Morocco, from the blue city of Chefchaouen to the medieval cities of Fes and Marrakech, with stunning scenery and memorable experiences along the way.


English, Arabic, Berber, and French are among the recognized languages in Morocco, and the country gained independence from French and Spanish rule in 1956. With its fascinating history and diverse attractions, Morocco offers something for everyone.



Introduction of Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour


Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour Discovering historical Jewish heritage and culture in Morocco is now possible with the Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour offered by Zwintravel. With a focus on visiting Jewish cultural sites such as cemeteries, synagogues, and tombs of influential Jews, this 12-day tour offers an opportunity to traverse the country from the Sahara Desert to the Atlas Mountains and city medinas of Moroccan Jewish heritage.


The tour also includes visits to the Museum of Moroccan Judaism in Casablanca and the unique Adobe Synagogue of Arazan in Taroudant. In addition to exploring historic sites, visitors can participate in Shabbat services, dine with Jewish families on the Sabbath, and learn how to make historic Jewish crafts such as pottery and ancient Hebraic Arabic calligraphy.


The Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour is led by expert licensed guides who specialise in Jewish heritage, convey Morocco’s grand Jewish history, and offer a customized experience based on the interests of the visitors. As the largest Jewish community in the Muslim world before the founding of Israel in 1948, Morocco has a trove of history to explore, and this tour is ideal for travelers who want to uncover it.

Overview of Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour

At Zwintravel, we’re committed to creating unforgettable Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour experiences that leave a lasting impression. Our Jewish tours of Morocco are designed to offer a blend of cultural immersion, adventure, and relaxation, giving you the chance to explore this enchanting country in a way that’s tailored to your interests and preferences.


  1. There are offers of Jewish tours of Morocco to explore historical Jewish heritage and culture in various parts of the country, including visits to cultural sites, cemeteries, synagogues, and tombs of influential Jews.
  2. The 12-day tour includes visits to the Museum of Moroccan Judaism in Casablanca and the unique Adobe Synagogue of Arazan in Taroudant.
  3. The itinerary also includes visits to cities like Rabat, Meknes, Fes, and Essaouira, as well as the Middle Atlas Mountains, the Ziz Valley, and the Sahara Desert.
  4. Jewish travelers can participate in Shabbat services and dine with a Jewish family on the Sabbath. Kosher meals can also be catered in hotels or at local Kosher restaurants.
  5. Sites visited on the tour include various Jewish synagogues, mellahs (Jewish quarters), cemeteries, and tombs of influential Jews.


Most Jewish Cultural Sites

Our Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour takes you to significant cultural sites, such as synagogues, cemeteries, and historic neighbourhoods. You’ll visit the beautiful Lazama Synagogue in Marrakech and explore the Jewish Quarter of Fes. You’ll also see Essaouira’s well-preserved Jewish cemetery. Our tours offer a unique opportunity to learn about Morocco’s Jewish heritage and culture.


  •  Beth-El Temple Em Habanim and Temple Neve Shalom Synagogues in Casablanca
  • Jewish Mellah and Chellah Kasbah in Rabat
  • Tomb of Rabbi David ben Imdan and the historic Jewish quarter in Meknes
  • Synagogues, Jewish Mellah of Fes, and cemeteries in Fes
  • Jewish Mellah in Sefrou
  • Berber villages and Ziz Valley full of date palm trees and fortified Kasbahs along the Middle Atlas Mountains
  • Camel ride and Merzouga luxury desert camp near the Erg Chebbi dunes
  • Walk through Dades Gorges
  • Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou and Berber rug cooperatives in Taznakht
  • Walled medina, Jewish Mellah, and 700-year-old adobe-built synagogue in Arazan village in Taroudant
  • Jewish quarter, Mellah, and Synagogues Bet Ha-Knesset Simon Attias in Essaouira
  • Tomb of Solica and two Jewish Cemeteries in Fes
  • Chaim Pinto Synagogue and Slat Lkahal Synagogue in Essaouira
  • Shaarei T’filah Synagogue in Marrakech


Our Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour Itinerary


  • This 12-day Jewish tour of Morocco starts in Casablanca, where visitors will see the Mosque of Hassan II and dine at one of the few Kosher restaurants in the city.


  • The tour will also visit several synagogues, including Beth-El Temple Em Habanim and Temple Neve Shalom Synagogues. In Rabat, the tour will visit the Jewish Mellah, learn about the capital city’s current and historical Jewish life, and tour the Chellah Kasbah. In Meknes, visitors will pay their respects at the tomb of Rabbi David ben Imdan and explore the old Jewish quarter. The tour of Fes includes visits to remarkable synagogues, the Jewish Mellah, and cemeteries.


  • On the way south to the Sahara Desert, the tour will stop in Sefrou, a town where Jews used to make up half the population. Visitors will also explore Berber villages and the Ziz Valley, full of date palm trees and fortified Kasbahs.


  • In the desert, visitors will take an exciting camel ride to the summit of the dunes and enjoy a traditional Moroccan dinner at a desert camp. The tour also includes visits to the Dades Gorges, the sweet-smelling Damascene rose product cooperatives in Kelaa M’gouna, and the beautifully restored Kasbah Amredhil in the Skoura oasis.


  • Visitors will also explore Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Berber rug cooperatives in Taznakht. In Taroudant, guests will tour the famous walled medina, the Jewish Mellah, and the 700-year-old adobe-built synagogue in Arazan village. The tour ends in Essaouira, where visitors will explore the Jewish quarter, the Mellah, and the recently opened Synagogues Bet Ha-Knesset Simon Attias. There are options for Shabbat services and dining experiences, and the tour is led by expertly licensed guides who are Jewish heritage specialists.



The Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour offered by Zwintravel provides a unique opportunity for travelers to explore the rich historical Jewish heritage and culture of Morocco. With visits to museums, synagogues, cemeteries, and other cultural sites all led by expert licensed guides who are Jewish Heritage specialists, travelers can gain a deeper understanding of the Sephardic Jewish traditions and hidden jewels of Morocco’s Jewish past.


The Top 6 Jewish Tours can also be customized to suit the interests of Jewish families, including Kosher dining options and the chance to learn traditional Jewish crafts. With a history stretching back over 2000 years, Morocco is a treasure trove waiting to be explored by those wishing to discover the country’s fascinating Jewish heritage.




Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour

Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour

Welcome to Zwintravel, your ultimate destination for unforgettable Morocco desert tours. Morocco is a country of stunning contrasts, with bustling cities, rugged mountains, and vast stretches of desert that seem to stretch on forever. Our expertly crafted tours take you deep into the heart of Morocco’s desert regions, where you’ll discover a world of natural beauty, rich culture, and ancient traditions.


Our Morocco desert tours offer a unique blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion, giving you the chance to experience the magic of the desert in a way that suits your interests and preferences. Whether you’re looking to explore the dunes on camelback, sleep under the stars in a traditional nomad camp, or simply soak up the peaceful atmosphere of the desert, we have a tour that’s perfect for you.


At Zwintravel, we’re passionate about creating unforgettable travel experiences that leave a lasting impression. Our tours are designed to take you off the beaten path and show you the hidden gems of Morocco’s desert regions, from remote oases and ancient kasbahs to traditional Berber villages and breathtaking canyon landscapes.


With our expert local guides, comfortable transportation, and carefully selected accommodations, you can sit back, relax, and let us take care of all the details of your Morocco desert adventure. So why wait? Book your tour with Zwintravel today and get ready to discover the beauty and magic of Morocco’s desert regions.



Unleash the Magic of Morocco with Our Sahara Desert Tours


Enchant the beauty of Morocco’s desert tours. Our experienced local guides and English-speaking drivers will take you on an unforgettable adventure through the vibrant colors and sounds of this stunning North African country.


From bustling markets to lavish architectural wonders, our cultural tours will immerse you in Morocco’s rich culture and famously welcoming locals. For the intrepid traveler, our hiking tours will take you through Berber villages in the breathtaking High Atlas Mountains, complete with a sunset camel trek through the Sahara desert and a night spent in nomad tents.


Our private Morocco tours can be customised to fit your budget and time frame, and we offer the option of hiring a Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 or a luxury van with a professional driver. Unleash the magic of Morocco with our Sahara desert tours and discover for yourself the real beauty and cultural richness of this unique country.


What you can discover on our Morocco desert tours:


  1. Stunning desert landscapes: Our Morocco desert tours take you to some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. From towering sand dunes to rugged canyons, you’ll be amazed by the diversity and beauty of Morocco’s desert regions.


  1. The chance to explore the desert on camelback: There’s no better way to experience the peaceful rhythm of desert life than on the back of a camel. Our tours offer camel rides of varying lengths, so you can choose the option that suits your interests and schedule.


  1. Traditional nomad camps: Our tours give you the chance to visit traditional nomad camps and learn about the customs and way of life of the nomadic people who have lived in the desert for centuries. You’ll experience firsthand their hospitality and unique culture.


  1. Ancient kasbahs and fortified villages: Morocco’s desert regions are home to many ancient kasbahs and fortified villages, which are steeped in history and cultural significance. Our tours take you to some of the most fascinating and well-preserved examples of these architectural marvels.


  1. Remote oases: Morocco’s desert regions are also home to a number of remote oases, which offer a surprising contrast to the surrounding barren landscape. You’ll discover hidden gardens and lush greenery in the midst of the desert, and learn about the importance of water in this arid region.


  1. Breathtaking sunsets and starry night skies: The desert is known for its stunning sunsets and starry night skies, which are particularly impressive in Morocco’s desert regions. Our tours offer plenty of opportunities to witness these natural wonders firsthand.


  1. Rich culture and traditions: Morocco’s desert regions are home to a rich culture and traditions unique to this area. From music and dance to cuisine, you’ll discover a wealth of new experiences and insights on our guided tours.


  1. Expert local guides: Our tours are led by expert local guides who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love for the desert with you. They’ll offer insights and stories that bring the landscape and culture to life.


  1. Comfortable transportation: Our tours feature comfortable transportation, with air-conditioned vehicles that make traveling through the desert a breeze. You’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery without any worries.


  1. Carefully selected accommodations: We offer a range of carefully selected accommodations, ranging from traditional nomad tents to comfortable hotels, that offer a range of options to suit your preferences. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious escape or an authentic desert experience, we have the perfect accommodations for you.


Conclusion of Morocco desert tours


We believe that our Morocco desert tours are the best way to experience the best of Morocco’s desert, and we invite you to join us on this unforgettable journey. Our tours are designed to take you off the beaten path and show you the hidden gems of Morocco’s desert regions, from remote oases and ancient kasbahs to traditional Berber villages and breathtaking canyon landscapes.


So why wait? Book your tour with Zwintravel today and discover the best of Morocco’s desert. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, we have a tour that’s perfect for you. Let us take you on a journey that will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. We look forward to welcoming you to Morocco’s desert regions and showing you the very best of this enchanting destination.


The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world. Trekking on top of a camel through the Sahara desert is definitely a unique experience that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime.

In this tour, you will enjoy camel trekking in Sahara sand dunes, stunning sunset, traditional Berber music next to the campfire, as well as traditional Moroccan tagines and mint tea which are cooked in the campfire. You will sleep in traditional Berber luxury desert tents and be able to see millions of stars over the clear sky.

Waking up early in the morning, you will enjoy the sunrise in Sahara desert and then you will have your breakfast at your berber luxury tents

Activities that can be done alongside Camel trekking & desert Camping:

  • Desert Spa Day
  • Stargazing
  • Sand surfing
  • Sit around the camp fire
  • Spot wildlife
  • enjoy sunset & sunrise
  • dinner with show in desert